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PMR Cannock Printer A4 booklets, A5 booklets. Bespoke size stapled booklets.

Booklet Printing.

We print a lot of  booklets at our Cannock printers. Printed booklets are great for informing your customers about your offerings, booklets are an effective means of getting your information over to your target market. Booklets can be made to your bespoke requirements, A5 and A4 are the most popular sizes. Square books, 210 x 210mm for example, gives you something a little bit different. Booklets are constructed from folded paper, secured with  staples or stitches along the spine. This means that the number of pages you want in your booklet has to be divisible by 4. So a 12 page booklet is fine, a 13 page booklet does not work. An extra 3 pages needs to be added or a page needs to be removed. There is a sensible limit to the number of pages you can have in a stapled booklet, the more pages you have, the thicker it becomes. Booklets that have a lot of pages may be better produced using other techniques, Perfect binding offers the next level of bespoke book printing.

Perfect Bound Books

PMR Cannock printer. PUR Perfect Bound A4, A5 bespoke books and booklets.

Perfect bound PUR books and Booklets

Perfect bound or PUR bound books add a level of luxury and quality to you books and booklets. Perfect bound books can have many more pages than a stapled booklet and the page count doesn't need to be divisible by 4. Perfect bind books and PUR books are produced the same way, glue is applied to the spine securing the cover and book together. Covers tend to be of a heavier weight than the text pages. The cover can be laminated to the outside to add a quality look and feel. Laminating the cover adds to the longevity of the book. 

Wire Binds

PMR Cannock printing  wirobinds, wire bind and wirebinds. A4 books A5 booklets.

Wire Binds

Wire bound documents can combine many pages in a handy form for handing out to those that need them. An A4 wirobind tends to contain more pages than an A4 booklet that is stitched, although there is no minimum amount of pages that there must be in a wirebind. Just a few pages of heavy weight paper stock can produce an excellent presentation wire bind. PMR Cannock produce wirebinds in both landscape and portrait form. Finishing options include acetate covers, laminated covers and a whole range of paper stocks.

Need Help to Design your Booklet?

PMR Cannock printer helping to design your books and booklets. Perfect bound and PUR bind.

Print Design Help

We have a bank of qualified and very experienced graphic designers who are able to provide guidance through the creation of books and booklets. They can take your ideas and turn them in to stunning print ready artwork. Our designers work with you on a one to one basis, ensuring your ideas come out on paper. Leaving you with books and booklets to be proud of. 

Need help printing your booklets and books ?

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At PMR we offer a wide range of bespoke books and booklets.