Brochures are essential for the promotion of your business and product.



Brochures  are an informative and a promotional paper document that is folded into  a template, pamphlet or leaflet. Brochures are primarily used to  introduce products, services, a company or an organisation and inform  both the customers and members of the public of the benefits. Brochures  can be distributed personally ,handed out inside newspapers or placed in  brochure racks which are commonly found in high traffic areas. 

Brochures  are the ideal way to tell your customers all about your business and  what you are offering. You can do this with a bi-fold which creates a  four panel brochure, or a tri-fold that can create a six panel brochure.  But there are other brochure fold arrangements such as a z-fold,  c-fold, single gate fold, roll fold, etc. Brochures are usually printed  using a four colour process on thick, glossy paper which creates a high  quality impression. Some brochures often large sheets that are detailed  with maps or of an expansive photo spread are folded into either four,  five or six panels with two card fascias affixed to the outer panels of  the sheet which when folded into a z-fold become the covers of the  brochure. 

Brochures  can also be made into booklet brochures which are composed up of  multiple sheets and is often saddle-stitched, stapled, or perfect bound  resulting in an eight or more panels. We offer high quality brochure  printing with your professional brochure design. If yopu are having  trouble with your design we offer advice and digital help with your  brochure design printing. 

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When placing an order for brochures with a printing company, they will ask  you what paper stock you desire before they produce your product. We know how it can be difficult to know which paper stock is best especially when you are not familiar with them all but don't panic! Here is a little guide to help you...

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