Business Stationery


Every business needs a way to communicate with their customers and the ideal way to do this is through personalised business stationery.  You can customise your stationery for your business or if you are having trouble with designing your stationery send it to our email and we'll be happy to have a look at it for you.  


Letterheads are available in several stock weights. Usually letter heads are printed onto 100gsm or 120gsm but they can be printed on stock up to 160gsm, it all depends on your preference. Your letterhead provides for your customers an insight into you business. It needs to have a look and feel of quality. Your design needs to impart the look you want for your business, the feel of quality comes from the paper stock it is printed on to. We offer letterheads in any quantity you require.

Business Cards

Business cards are 85mm x 55mm in size and printed on a card stock of between 350gsm - 450gsm. Lamination gives a quality feel to the business card, this can be matt, gloss or soft touch. Business cards have two sides, so make sure your design utilises that. Business cards are great for applying embossing and spot u.v. 

Compliment slips

Compliment slip designs should mirror your letterheads. There should be a continuity of design with enough space to write in your message. A compliment slip should be printed on to the same paper stock as your letter head. 

NCR Pads

Many businesses require ncr pads or ncr duplicate pads, such as ncr invoice pads or ncr order pads. The amount of pages per set or ply varies dependent on your requirements. 2 ply and 3 ply is the most asked for. NCR pads vary in size, receipt pads might only be A6 whereas service registers, work sheets etc may be A4.

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