Embossing is the process that requires two dies, since one of them is raised and the other one is recessed when the paper is pressed between them, the raised die forces the stock paper into the recessed die and creates the embossed impression. For the dies to squeeze the fibres of the stock a specific level of pressure is applied to the dies. In order for embossing to work, the dies are produced and a die maker engraves the desired design into several metal plates, these are the embossing dies. Embossing can be combined together with foil stamping (foil embossing) which is the application of metallic foil on to a solid surface with a heated die to create a three-dimensional effect to the business stationery such as foil embossed business cards.

Debossing is similar to embossing, but it creates a recessed design instead of a raised design. This method only uses one die which has the design engraved into the metal plate that becomes the die. Pressure is applied to the front side of the stock and forcing it down from the surface. Both Embossing and debossing can be used on a variety of different business stationery. Having embossed stationery is a good way to attract attention and convey a high-quality textural contrast between the raised areas and the surrounding area of the paper stock. We offer embossed personlized stationery which allows textured business cards with raised lettering with your desired design embossed on to the stationery. 

Embossing Business Cards

Embossed business cards are an ideal way for you to bring attention to the message you want to convey. Being forgettable is not an option in today's competitive business environment. Custom embossed business cards that utilise embossing stand out, and add a quality  finish to your business cards that leave an impression that gives you more impact for your money. Grabbing the attention of potential customers and driving attention to your brand are essential to success, and embossing is an elegant way to market your business message, making it memorable.

Considering how many business cards your potential customers get each day and at trade shows and events, this custom effect can make all the difference in getting noticed. Embossed business cards make that lasting impression and are a great choice when considering business card ideas that yield results! dimension of sophistication to your image. 

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