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CMYK Explained!

What is CMYK

Confused about all this talk of CMYK, additive colour and subtractive colour? Well we have provided you with a small but informative explanation of what it all means! 

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Insiders Guide to Spot UV

Spot uv explained

Learn how easy it is to not only create a business card that looks good but also feel good using Spot UV. The ideal way to promote your business with a card nobody will want to discard! 

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Is There VAT on Print?

Is there vat on print

Wondering why some items are vat free and some aren't? and why is there VAT on print? 

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The Right Paper Stock for Your Brochure


So how do you know you've chosen the right paper stock for your brochure? And why is it so important? 

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6 Musts When it Comes to Designing Business Cards


6 Musts that everyone should know when they are designing business cards! 

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What is Bleed and Crop Marks


Bleed and crops marks are an essential aspect to the printing process, it provides us with guidelines and an area to cut into without leaving a white border around your design.

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