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Leaflet printing provides an inexpensive means of communicating with your target audience. They allow for an immediate way to engage with your customers. Leaflets can be used to promote your business, products, services and events to a wide audience.

There are a number of ways to distribute your printed leaflets. By hand, select a target area which contains a high proportion of your target customers. It could be an industrial estate where you visit businesses, delivery a leaflet to each. Or perhaps a town center, handing out leaflets to people as they pass. Leaflets can be inserted in to local papers or trade publications.

Leaflets design is very important. You are distributing something which represents your business, products and services. It needs to embody your values and standards. The quality, feel and look of your printed leaflet will impart a subliminal message to your audience, within seconds your prospective customer will decide whether to bin it or read it. Do you really want a cheap leaflet? or do you want an effective, quality marketing tool printed at an affordable price?

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