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Presentation Pocket Folders

Presentation folders come in many forms; interlocking folders, supplied flat, simply  assemble as you need them. Pocket folders, usually a single pocket at the back but can be a pocket front and back. The pocket allows for literature to be secured within the folder. A capacity folder will have a spine, 5mm, 8mm or 10mm to allow bulky literature to sit neatly within the folder. Spot U.V folders will incorporate within the design a gloss area that contrasts to the surrounding area. Pocket presentation folders with a stapled insert, where you have a lot of information that will be the same for all your customers, this can be made into a booklet and stitched in to the folder.

Presentation folders are manufactured larger than the marketing material that needs to be contained so, A4 literature will fit in an A4+ folder and A5 documents will fit an A5+ folder. We have various standard presentation folder templates available, so if you are thinking of designing your own presentation folders, talk to us first and save a lot of time by working to a template. If you rather someone else did the design, we will be able to help.

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