Spot UV


Why Spot U.V?

Spot UV is a special finish you can apply to specific areas on your print work to make it shinier. You can, for example, apply the UV varnish to your logo, or perhaps some specific text to really make it stand out. The overall idea is to create a contrast between the paper stock being used and the extreme glossiness/vividness of the varnish. It can add a completely new dimension to print media. 

Spot UV is normally added to a job along with a matt laminate, this is to further enhance the shininess of the Spot UV. Having a matt material which obviously dulls the light helps to bring out the vibrant reflectiveness of the varnish. The ‘Spot’ printing technique is almost as if it’s another ink or separate colour. If you are printing a full colour document, then the spot process is an additional coat on the top of the rest of the colours used to produce the work.  The UV refers to the heating lamps which instantly cure the varnish. 

Having Spot UV business cards create a raised texture which is produced from the Spot UV printing, this as said before enhances the cards overall look. The design of the business card is the most important aspect. However, the texture of it can also effect the design and overall look of the card and therefore, the feel/ texture is also an important aspect and can further enhance the print media as it will look highly professional with a smooth matt laminate and a glossy Spot UV finish.

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